Terms and Conditions

All Try It Classes are subject to a minimum enrollment. If the minimum is not met 24 hours before class is to start then a representative of Café Monet will be in contact to reschedule to a later date. If customer calls to reschedule themselves they will be subject to an administration fee, this only applies to appointments that are more than 24 hours prior to their start date, otherwise there will be no rescheduling or refunds for missed classes. We cannot guarantee any final outcome for the classes. Clay can be incredibly unpredictable and things can happen inside the kiln that we cant foresee. We do our best to mitigate any problems by drying the pieces over a longer period of time and have longer firing times to prevent thermal shock. All of that taken into account the potter pieces are ready generally within 6 weeks.

All long term students acknowledge that any missed classes can only be made up during open studio hours unless canceled or rescheduled by Café Monet. Pieces that are complete but lack a signature on the bottom will be discarded with no notification to students. This is in accordance with signage posted in the clay studio.

Main studio reservations are limited. A reservation with more members than the stated number on the reservation may be held to a different time of day or day of week. ANY PARTIES EXCEEDING 7 PEOPLE MUST BOOK A PARTY ROOM TIMESLOT. If they do not then Cafe Monet can not be asked to accommodate, in any notice, for multiple tables in the main seating area. PYOP customers will be notified that their creation will be ready one week after completion but will not be called when their pottery is ready for pick up. Once PYOP pottery is complete it is held for up to 30 days before being removed from store front shelves. After an additional 30 days the pottery will be donated at Café Monet’s discretion and no: refund, store credit, or replacement will be offered.

All Parties in PYOP are subject to cleaning fees that are determined by management upon check out. Parties over 15 people are also subject to an automatic gratuity of 18% either at check out or via invoice if applicable.

All Parties for our Clay Wheel Event package are subject to an automatic 18% gratuity added to the grand total at the end of the event. This total can be split evenly among all attendees if requested. Parties that can not meet the minimum and choose to cancel their party forfeit the deposit paid.

General Disclaimer

Café Monet is a small family owned business and we do everything we can to ensure your creative masterpiece turns out perfect, but there are times when some things are out of our control.

If a piece you create is damaged or broken due to kiln or employee error Café Monet will replace the piece free of charge. Any reasons outside of Café Monet’s control such as accidental breakage in transport or another patron are dealt with on a case by case basis.

All pieces painted In The Paint Your Own Pottery Studio will not be called upon completion as they are ready one week later, and will be held for no longer than 60 days before being donated or discarded. No refunds or store credit will be given as a result of pottery abandonment.

Our Try It Classes are subject to a minimum class enrollment. If the minimum is not met 24 hours before the class is to begin then a Café Monet staff member will be in touch to reschedule the class to a later time. If for some reason outside of the Studios control (exemptions for state and national emergencies), you are tardy or entirely miss class one or more of the following may occur:

-Up or until 15 minutes after class was scheduled to begin; participants forfeit the right to the entirety of the demonstration.

-Up or until 15 minutes after class was scheduled to begin; participants forfeit one of three attempts to create a piece on the potter’s wheel. (one piece may still be kept under prepaid class cost*additional costs may apply)

-15 minutes or longer after class was scheduled to begin; participants will be turned away but will be allowed to reschedule to a different day with an administration fee applied per person rescheduled and understand there will be no refund or transfers of monies to PYOP activities. *Case by case basis may apply*

All long term classes meet one day a week for 3 hours. If a student misses a class it is up to them to make up the time during open studio hours. If class is canceled by Café Monet a makeup date will be scheduled at the end of their time frame. OPEN STUDIO HOURS ARE A PRIVILEGE! Any students who do not clean up satisfactorily or are negligent with equipment or others work will no longer be allowed to take advantage of this opportunity.